Magic Air Auto Fresh linen Replacement container

Universal replacement container for automatic air freshener. It can be used as an ordinary aerosol freshener.

«Fresh linen» air freshener - for fans of fresh, light, and natural scents. Immerses you in coziness, cleanliness, peace and quiet:

- effective for neutralizing unpleasant smells;
- instantly freshens and moisturizes air;
- efficient spraying mechanism and lasting freshness.

Directions: before using, turn off the device. Insert the replacement container nose outside and turn on the device, spraying will start in a few seconds. Do not point to the face when the installation and spraying interval. Strictly follow the instructions for use.

Ingredients: organic solvents, hydrocarbon propellant, perfume composition.

Volume: 250 ml.

Expiration date: 36 months